Block Processing

Blocks produced on KURTZ block moulds excel thanks to a homogeneous distribution of weight, good fusion and low residual moisture. In combination with the short cycle times, KURTZ blocks are guarantors for the fact that the processor can secure an important competitive advantage on their markets thanks to the outstanding quality of their products and also their economical production.


The production of expandable polystyrene (EPS) blocks has to meet ever increasing requirements - in terms of quality and economy. Thus, Kurtz developed a series of block moulds for different fields of application:

The Kurtz block mould Ecomat is a reasonably priced, vertical block mould with fix dimensions for a trouble-free continuous operation. The one-side slightly tapered design ensures an easy block ejection. 

The Kurtz block mould Ecoflex was derived from the vertical block mould Ecomat. The Ecoflex design enables to produce dimensionally identical blocks made of different material and shrinkage.


The Kurtz block mould Monoflex is a vertical block mould with an adjustable side wall with solid parallel guiding. The mould has parallel sides to each other.

The Vario series is used in production locations with limited room height. It can either be supplied with fix dimensions or with an adjustable base or adjustable rear wall to ideally meet the customer's requirements. 
Mixing and Dosing Units

Our plants are equipped with a variably adjustable mixing and dosing system for recycled and fresh material. Two cellular wheel sluices are loaded via two antistatic storage silos (recycled and fresh material) and produce the determined mixing ratio


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