EPP on the advance

With their business sector particle foam machines the company Kurtz GmbH with headquarters in Kreuzwertheim, Germany, presented themselves from February 1st to 6th at the fair Plast India 2012 in New Delhi in India.

New Delhi/ Kreuzwertheim, Germany
As international operating company the German Kurtz GmbH with their corporate business unit particle foam machines exhibited from 1st to 6th February at PLASTINDIA 2012 in New Delhi in India.

Since several years Kurtz has been present in the Indian market as leading manufacturer for the particle foam processing industry and enjoys an excellent reputation as competent and reliable partner for their customers.

Especially the suppliers but also the automobile industry representatives in India showed high interest in the machines for the processing of EPP. EPP (expandable polypropylene) as well as EPS (expandable polysytrol, better known under the brand name "Styropor TM") is  a particle foam which is more and more used for the production of bumper cores, sun visors, die carriers or also for other safety relevant components in the automobile construction.


Nearly all automobile manufacturers are also located in India with its over 1.2 billion inhabitants (2011) and an automotive-crazy middle class. The customers' demands are increasing and the Indian government tremendously focuses on research and development also to boost the export.

With their shape moulding machines of the T-Line range in three sizes with a moulding surface of up to 2.5 m² and an operating pressure of up to 5 bar Kurtz offers optimum solutions for the processors.

Due to these good conditions it was not surprising that the representatives of the relevant automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as all Indian EPP processors met at the Kurtz booth.


An additional positive signal in India is the again noticeable increased demand for entertaining and household electronics within the last few months. With that the stagnation in the Indian packaging industry  of the last two years seems to be overcome. Accordingly the visitors from this sector had a great interest in shape moulding machines of the N-Line construction series from Kurtz.

This construction series for packaging parts made of EPS was especially designed for the Asian market and their requirements. Due to the superior Kurtz machine technology they absolutely pay off for the customer compared to cheaper machines from Chinese suppliers:

Faithful to the company maxim they profit by the optimising of the production processes. The better energy efficiency, high machine availabilities and low operating costs are substantial features for a more profitable production and a profit increase for the processors.


A further positive aspect for the customer is the local presence. With Carlton Bhiladvala who gains an excellent reputation in the branch Kurtz has a very competent representative in India. His son Sean Bhiladvala is available for the local service. Sean Bhiladvala spent several weeks in Wiebelbach in 2011 and was educated there as specialist for application technology and service.


Kurtz in Wiebelbach is confident that also in this growth market investments in Kurtz equipment  and thus orders are to be expected shortly.


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